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Surgilast Tubular Elastic Dressing Retainer

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Surgilast Tubular Elastic Dressing Retainer

Dressing Retainers

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Surgilast is a tubular stretch net made of high quality material and is knitted in a continuous seamless band. Strong and highly elastic, Surgilast stretches well beyond its relaxed length and diameter and applies gentle pressure to keep bandages securely in place. Available in a broad range of sizes and easily customized, Surgilast can accommodate a wide variety of bandaging and support needs.

Unlike competing elastic net brands, Surgilast has a strong, yet yielding, elasticity. Surgilast's skin contact surface is smooth, not loopy like most other brands, offering greater patient comfort.

Ordering Information: Surgilast is packaged in dispenser boxes containing 10, 15 or 25 yards (stretched).

For Use In:

  • Hospitals: ERs (securing dressings), OB-GYNs, ENTs
  • Cardiac testing centers (securing electrodes)
  • Urgent care centers
  • Physician offices: dermatologists (post-dermabrasion, post-hair replacement)
  • Plastic surgeons (post-office procedures), general practice
  • General Practice



  • Pre-cut shapes - Permits dressing of difficult areas without adhesive; saves physician/nurse time
  • Nylon and rubber tubular elastic net construction - Comfortable and non-restricting for patient
  • Gentle but effective pressure - Holds dressing/devices securely in place while allowing freedom of movement
  • Non-adhesive - Enhances patient comfort; won't damage patient's skin
  • Reusable - Retains effective holding power after stretching and washing
  • Easy to apply - Saves physician / nurse time
  • High quality construction - Superb strength and elasticity; holds dressings in place gently
  • Easy to customize - Can be cut to facilitate dressing of difficult-to-bandage areas.
  • Eliminates need for adhesive tape - More secure than tape and is painless on removal and harmless to fragile skin
  • Allows maximum air-flow - Maintains integrity of the skin
  • Smooth Surface - No loops, knots, or bumps to detract from patient comfort
  • Won't run or unravel
  • Wide range of sizes - Can be stretched to fit most areas of the body
  • Non-binding - Very comfortable for patient
  • Available in latex-free form - Safe for patients with latex sensitivity