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SurgiGrip Tubular Elastic Support Bandages

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SurgiGrip Tubular Elastic Support Bandages

Support Bandages

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A tubular elastic bandage designed to provide support and compression. For use in hospitals (Burn Units, Trauma Centers, ER's), urgent care clinics, sports medicine clinics, orthopedic clinics, rehabilitation centers, physical therapy offices, podiatrist offices, and outpatient burn clinics. SurgiGrip is ideal for providing:

  • Support and compression for sprains and strains
  • Support following cast removal
  • Support for soft tissue injuries
  • Support for joints and muscles
  • Support and post-graft pressure for burn patients
  • Edema management/control


  • Convenient alternative to flat wrap bandages: Stays in place with no clips or tape
  • Cotton-elastic thread knit construction: Soft on skin, comfortable weight, not overly compressive
  • Latex-free: Safe for patients with latex sensitivity
  • Machine washable: Can be laundered, economical
  • Available in a wide range of sizes: Permits selection of precise size for optimal fit
  • Special applicator available: Facilitates application over tender wounds or bulky dressings
  • Easy to apply: Saves physician / nurse time